Salish Design

Project History

1994 to Present - Seattle, Washington

My current "day job" is with Washington State Ferries where I work as a project coordinator in the Terminal Engineering department. The ferry system here is funded to re-build and/or improve as needed, all 21 ferry terminals. I'm pleased to be working with the Anacortes Terminal Program team, since August of 2006 which will be the first terminal project to start construction in June of 2007. I'm finally working with a group of talented engineers and project managers that are in sync with my values and work-life balance goals. Below is a cronology of projects and employment I've been involved with since moving to Seattle in 1994:

Manager, Special Events: Premera Blue Cross

Process Improvement, Administrative & Project Specialist: Woods & Associates

Website Re-Design Facilitation and Initial Implementation - Quiring Monuments

Switch Build Support Team Manager - AT&T Wireless

Senior Design Consultant - Emerald City Design

Senior Design Consultant - The Closet Factory

Feng Shui Consultation - Susan B. Quinn

Custom Kitchen Design Consultant - Eagle Kitchen & Bath

Feng Shui Consultation to benefit Detlef Schrempf Foundation - Mary Hurlbert LMP

Feng Shui Consultation to benefit City Cantabile Choir - Anne & Andrew Traister

Feng Shui Consultation to benefit The Museum of Flight - Howell & Fay McBrayer

Feng Shui Consultation to benefit Women's Funding Alliance - Melanie Martin

Feng Shui Consultation to benefit Ranier Chamber Winds - Doris Lucy

Feng Shui Consultation, Organizing & Decorating - Office of Roger Moore

Feng Shui Consultation - Lucy Borris

Feng Shui Consultation - David Ramsey/Monica Valentine

Feng Shui Consultation - Helmut Witt

Feng Shui Consultation - Azure Marketing

Professional Organizing - Laura Menconi-Heninger

Administive Services Supervisor/Assistant to President - Planned Parenthood

Space Planning & Organizing - Snohomish Tribe of Indians

Consultant on the Federal Acknowledgement Project - Snohomish Tribe of Indians

Administrative and Organizing Services - Tyson Foods-Environmental Compliance Department

Administrative and Organizing Services - Westin Hotel Food & Beverage

Administrative and Organizing Services - Blue Cross

MG Taylor/Ernst & Young DesignShop™ Facilitation Activity

ASE Venture Adventure: Ernst & Young/MG Taylor - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

Documenting The Future: Hewlett Packard - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

Speed 2 Value: Xerox - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

BP Design Session: Burton Parsons - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

Breakthrough Performance: Burton Parsons - 4/96, Cleveland, OH

Designing Virtual Knowhere: MG Taylor - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

Future Flow: Southern Natural Gas - 3/96, Hilton Head, SC

7 Domains: MG Taylor Knowledge Worker Krew - 4/96, Hilton Head, SC

Sponsor Team Planning Session: Coca Cola - 4/96, Hilton Head, SC

Ready-Set-Go: Shared Services 2000: TRW - 5/96, Chicago, IL

Don't Get Here Without It: American Express - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

EMS: Emergency Medical Services - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

Building The 21st Century Workplace: MG Taylor - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

Motorola Discovery Day: Motorola - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

Creating a Global Ecosystem: Motorola - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

Spinning The Imation Web: 3M - 5/96, Hilton Head, SC

Engaging Tomorrow-Building Maximum Synergy: Ernst & Young - 5/96, Chicago, IL

Assembling The Future: Digital - 6/96, Chicago, IL

Bringing There To Here: Ernst & Young - 6/96, Chicago, IL

Take 00:02 What's In A Name?: Ernst & Young - 8/96, Chicago, IL

Music Guidebook: MG Taylor Hilton Head Knowhere Store - 8/96

KnOwhere KnOhow-Store Operating Guidelines: MG Taylor KnOwhere Store - 9/96

Discovery Session: MG Taylor - 9/96,Hilton Head, SC

Project Discovery: Kellogg - 10/96, Chicago, IL

Tapestries For Tomorrow: Nortel Northern Telecom - 10/96, Chicago, IL

KnOwhere Store Projects & Retail Support - 11/96, Hilton Head, SC Design Session: Ernst & Young - 11/96, Hilton Head, SC

Navistar/MBA Recruiting Day: Ernst & Young - 12/96, Chicago, IL

Setting ASE Sails: MG Taylor/Ernst & Young - 1/97, Cambridge, MA

Daybreak Over Brooklyn: AM Cosmetics - 1/97, Hilton Head, SC

ANDMap(tm) work product: AM Cosmetics - 1/97, Hilton Head, SC

The Adventure Continues: Carson Products - 1/97, Hilton Head, SC

Carson Steps Up! Professional Presence: Carson Products - 3/97, Hilton Head, SC

The First $1,000,000,000: Carson Products - 3/97, Hilton Head, SC

Reconstituting Best ANDMap Practices: MG Taylor - 3/97, Hilton Head, SC

Courage To Grow: Digital - 4/97, Cambridge, MA

GMHS NavCenter Krew May-Sep '97: MG Taylor/ Ernst & Young

Alt.Office Review: MG Taylor - 9/97, Palo Alto, CA

The Future Face of AM Cosmetics: AM Cosmetics - 9/97, Cambridge, MA

Framing The Venture-7 Domains Workshop: MG Taylor Network Event - 9/97, Cambridge, MA

Initiating The 21st Century: Catholic Health Initiatives - 10/97, Cambridge, MA

ANDMap(tm) work product: Catholic Health Initiatives - 10/97, Cambridge, MA

DesignSession: Amelia Tess - 2/98, Palo Alto, CA

1974 to 1994: San Diego, CA & Honolulu, HI

Scrupps Foundation for Medicine & Science - Presidential Liaison - La Jolla, CA

Judy Eberhart - Residential Design - Carlsbad, CA

David and Doretta Winkelman - Custom Decorating - San Diego, CA

David Markwell Allee Architect - Office Organizing - Fallbrook, CA

Nancy Drew - Residential Makeover and Organizing - Sausalito, CA

John DeForest - Makeover: The yacht Spindrift - San Diego, CA

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation - Administrative Process Improvement - San Diego, CA

Los Angeles Personal Growth Center -Technical Writing - Los Angeles, CA

The Snohomish Tribe of Indians - Project Management - Anacortes, WA

Iliff, Thorne & Company - Office - San Diego, CA

UCSD Medical Center - Office - San Diego, CA

Janis Scanlon, Realtor - Office - San Diego, CA

Qualcomm - Office - San Diego, CA

Megatek - Office - San Diego, CA

Sunward Technologies - Office

San Diego Hebrew Home - Office - Carlsbad, CA

Flight International - Office - Carlsbad, CA

Roche Pharmaceuticals - Office - San Diego, CA

Dominion Investments - Office - San Diego, CA

Law Offices of Andrew S. Albert, Administrative - Carlsbad, CA

International Blue Software - Del Mar, CA

John F. Murk, Engineers - Oceanside, CA

Cubic Corporation - San Diego, CA

NCR Engineering & Manufacturing - Rancho Bernardo, CA

World Communications Inc. - Carlsbad, CA

H.L. Summers, Inc. - San Diego, CA

Pacific Gas & Electric - San Jose, CA

AMPC - Carlsbad, CA

David Ohlson Residential Design - Cardiff, CA

Robbins Research - Event Logistics - Del Mar, CA

Robert Kline Residential Design - San Diego, CA

The Excelerated Learning Institute - Event Logistics - San Diego, CA

Choices International - National Staff Logistics Manager - Carlsbad, CA

The Bowen Company - Commercial Design - San Diego, CA

Don Bowen - Residential Design - Pacific Beach, CA

Win Win Productions - National Staff Logistics Manager - Carlsbad, CA

Else Manson - Custom Decorating - Long Beach, CA

Robinson's Department Store - Custom Decorator - Newport Beach, CA

Frank Opperman Residential Design - Honolulu, HI

John J. Stanford Ltd.- Commercial Office Design - Honolulu, HI

Doug Kelly Residential & Office Design - Honolulu, HI

Joan Parker Residential & Rental Property Design - Honolulu, HI

Ed Reinhart Residential Design - Honolulu, HI

Ted Sturdivant Residence & Income Property - Honolulu, HI

Larry Harrison Vacation Residence - Kaanapali, Maui, HI

Cordco Commercial Leasing - Honolulu, HI

Webber & Russell Commercial Leasing - Honolulu, HI

Dunn Contact Lenses - Honolulu, HI

East West Center, University of Hawaii - Honolulu, HI

Stapleton Associates - Honolulu, HI

Dave Morken Sails - Honolulu, HI

L&N Enterprises - Seal Beach, CA

Island Homes Realty - Honolulu, HI

Sott Shoe Company - Honolulu, HI

Merit Protective Services - Honolulu, HI

McWayne Marine Supply - Honolulu, HI

Buffum's Department Store - Long Beach, CA

Gerald C. Young Jr. Residence - Honolulu, HI

University of Hawaii, School of Public Health - Honolulu, HI

Far West Services - Honolulu, HI

Cost Less Imports - Lahaina, Maui, HI

Unusual Imports - Honolulu, HI